​Performance Feature
S.to.P MatrixTM
​Developing Technology
S.to.P Matrix​TM vs. Developing Technology
​Meets proposed & current EPA regulations
Not at this time

​Works well in a phys-chem or 

packed column


​Biological treatment is not necessary

​Solidification/Evaporation not needed

​Low capital cost implementation

​Saleable coal ash

​CMT Sorbent Technology - Solution to Pollution Matrix

​    CMT has developed a patented sorbent, S.to.P Matrix​TM, specifically compounded to remove Mercury from air and water emissions generated by coal burning power plants. The S.to.P Matrix​TM​ can produce removal efficiencies over 99% and often below detectable limits, which meet or exceed current and proposed EPA regulations.* The S.to.P Matrix​TM Technology has the additional benefit of reducing other heavy metals, Selenium, Nitrogen compounds, acid gases, and other toxic contaminants.

*​ Removal rates vary with type of coal used, coal burning conditions, and pollution control equipment used.

    The S.to.P Matrix​TM​ technology is "green" in that no hazardous or toxic substances are generated and all by-products are recyclable. The fly ash is a uniquely valuable product for the manufacture of cement and concrete. The exhausted sorbent can be used in gypsum, pavement, cement and concrete, and other building materials, since it will pass EPA leach testing.

​EPA Proposed Limit
​EPA Mandate



​Achievable Limit

EPA Regulations from Clean Water Act
​   ​Hg 
119  ng/l    
356 ng/l
ND* (by CVAA)
10 ppb
12 ppb
5 ppb
6  ppb
8 ppb
4 ppb
4.4 ppm
13 ppm

*ND-Not Detected

Air Emissions

  ​​Wastewater treatment from power plants has only recently been regulated. The current technology consists of physical chemical treatment and clarification for metals removal. This is followed by biological treatment for Selenium and Nitrate/Nitrite removal. To meet existing regulations a solidification/evaporation step is often necessary. Alternative technologies that may be used are ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and ultra-filtration in conjunction with biological treatment.

​  S.to.P Matrix​TM ​can reduce all regulated contaminants by 99%. With the use of additives, that are environmentally benign, the S.to.P Matrix​TM can reduce regulated contaminants to exceed all future regulations. A biological treatment is not necessary when S.to.P Matrix​TM​ is used in a physical chemical system or pumped through a packed bed column. 

Water Emissions

S.to.P Matrix​TM outperforms Activated Carbon in removal efficiency and economics.

Performance Feature

S.to.P MatrixTM
​Good performance with all coal sources

​Not corrosive to plant equipment or ducting

​Exhausted sorbent can be recycled

​Does not contaminate plant wastewater

​Safe to use - not flammable or explosive

​Wide range of temperature use
      ​ X

​No contaminant re-emission in scrubber
      ​ X

​Low cost capital for implementation
​Works well with load and fuel charges
​Works well with most pollution control configurations
      ​ X
​Compatible with wastewater treatment system
  ​ X
​Saleable fly ash
​       X


​   Current technology to remove Mercury from flue gas emissions utilizes activated carbon. Often metallic Mercury is not captured and halide additives are used in conjunction with the activated carbon to improve the removal efficiency by oxidizing the Mercury. The activated carbon is injected into the flue gas stream and is captured in an emission control device.    ​


   The S.to.P Matrix​TM​ can be injected into the flue gas stream with minor modification to the existing injection feed system and feed hopper for the activated carbon. New installations can utilize a fluidized bed or a packed bed trap for improved economics and efficiency benefit. The S.to.P Matrix​TM​ does not require halide or other additives that can contaminate scrubber water and corrode plant ducting and equipment. The S.to.P Matrix​TM removes Mercury regardless of the speciation.

EPA - MATS Regulation from Clean Air Act

MATS limit for Mercury                 S.to.P Matrix​TM​ Achievable Limit

1.4 ug/m3                               0 - .5 ug/m3

​S.to.P MatrixTM​ vs. Activated Carbon (AC)


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