​CMT is currently in discussions with organizations in Cambodia, China, Japan, Philippines and the USA to implement projects where CMT technology will be eliminating Mercury, heavy metals, Selenium, Arsenic, Nitrates and Nitrites from sources ranging from flue gases, wastewater, coal ash ponds, mine drainage, and drinking water.

June 2016          ​CMT and CPI Yuanda Development Corp. are awarded an Eco-Partnership. Plant trials at the Chongqing Hechuan Power Plant will evaluate S.to.P Matrix​TM ​ for removal of Mercury, Arsenic, Selenium, and Nitrates/Nitrites from FGD wastewater. Yuanda has extensive experience in the design, engineering, operating, and testing of technology related to operations of coal burning power plants globally. Yuanda accelerates the localization of advanced technologies and contributes to improvement of the development of Chinese environmental protection industry. The Hechuan Flue Gas Comprehensive Experimental Base under Yuanda's direction is one of the best Research and Development facilities in the world.

March 2016 ​         CMT presents at the Sino-US Seminar on Mercury Removal and PM2.5 Control Technology in Chongqing, China. This workshop jointly sponsored by the US Department of Energy (DOE) and The Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST) brought together industry leaders and top academics from both USA and China to review and discuss cutting edge technology to reduce contaminates affecting air quality. ​CMT technology was the only one presented that addressed the effective capture of contaminates in both air and water. 

​February 2016     ​CMT meets with Deputy Director of UNEP to target most globally affected people and impacted environments as a result of Mercury and heavy metals pollution.

​January 2016       ​CMT meets with officials of the US EPA and Department of Commerce in Washington, DC to discuss applications of CMT technology.

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