​​​​Chemical and Metals Technologies goal is to partner with companies, environmental organizations, and interested parties willing to participate in cost sharing to advance and continue development of this technology. CMT would consider any international and domestic opportunities to demonstrate and implement our technology on a plant level.

   These opportunities are not restricted to coal burning power plants. CMT technology has applications wherever toxic contaminants, especially Mercury, are contained in air or water emissions.

​Some examples of other potential applications are:

  • Treatment of ​emissions from fracking and other fossil fuel operation
  • ​​​Treatment of wastewater from artisanal and industrial mining
  • ​Treatment of emissions from incinerators
  • Treatment of emissions from metal smelting (i.e. Pb, Zn, Cd)
  • Treatment of emissions from production of lighting that contain Mercury
  • ​Treatment of emissions from production of caustic and chlorine

​Please contact Hal Stuhler at hal@cmt-cleancoal.com to explore a partnership opportunity.

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Global Expansion of CMT Technology